Cool ideas for decorating kids’ rooms

Kids like cool stuff, and their room is their own special place. Rooms for kids are so much fun to decorate, as there's practically no limit to the potential. A child’s bedroom should be a safe and inviting space for them to play, but also warm and relaxing so they have no trouble falling asleep at night.

From toddler to teen, it’s a great idea to let their personality be at the forefront when decorating your child's bedroom. There’s no need to follow stereotypical colours and schemes. Most kids have a vision of how they want to decorate their bedroom. Their ideas are often inspired by movie sets, superheroes, and fairy tales but with some adult practicality, it’s possible to find the right balance and make it look amazing.

Letting children choose how they want to decorate their own room may sound like a challenge, but research shows that it can help them to develop their personal style, and it will create a space where they feel like they can express themselves. Let their passions and favourite activities shine through when decorating, and it can be so much fun to do it together. If they love their room, it’ll be their happy place and when they’re all grown up, they will remember that.

Make It Multi-Purpose

Just because you don't have a huge space to work with doesn't mean there isn't room for play. It's all about using the space you have strategically. A children’s room is not only for sleeping but also for learning, playing and growing, not to mention for storing a mountain of toys and books. Striking the right balance between fun and function, and providing a place for them to enjoy downtime, develop new skills, and sleep easy is key.

Investing in multipurpose pieces of furniture for your child’s bedroom is the best way to keep the room organized and easy to clean. Picking a bedframe that’s unique or fun will make children more inclined to want to snuggle up in it at night. If you don’t have much space, a high sleeper is ideal as you can add a desk or toy storage underneath.


Believe it or not, it is possible to both have kids and a tidy house. All it takes is organisation skills and strategic storage solutions. Dual-purpose pieces, such as storage cabinets that double as a book cage and trunks that can be used as a seat, are always handy. Built-in benches with drawers are another solution to create more storage space, and they’ll come in handy when your child gets older.

Choose fun colours for storage baskets, bins and crates. It’ll look great when you match the colours with the artwork on the walls. That way it'll look more like interior design and not just a place to stow away toys.

When it comes to practicality, remember that your child’s tastes and needs are going to change as they grow up. If you can, choose furniture that grows along with your child, so you won’t need to update it all the time. Many manufacturers now offer furniture that’s transformable and multifunctional, such as convertible beds and height adjustable tables and desks. 

Customise the Details

When decorating a kid's room, the walls are your canvas! The best way you can personalise a child’s bedroom is to invest in classic staples, then have a little (or a lot of) fun with the artwork and accessories. Keeping most of the decor in the room on the walls leaves you with more useable floor space to play, and the colourful and fun accents will spark their imagination.

Need some ideas? Here at Customise it Handmade Signs, we always come up with fun new designs for both kids and adults, and most of our wall art can be customised with a personal message and name.

Check out this comic book style paint splash speech bubble and imagine how cool that would look on your child’s bedroom door or inside the room on the wall.  

Is anyone ever too old for a beautifully crafted handmade wall clock  with their name on it? Your child can choose their favourite animal design, and it can be completely customised just for them! You can even have a special message for them engraved on the back.

Animal lovers and little explorers will find plenty of adventure in a jungle-inspired bedroom scheme. Our jungle theme wall decoration is perfect for any child that loves nature as it encourages them to be active, playful and curious. 

The MINIME super heroes  are so much fun. All these funny personalised plaques have fast become our most popular product. It’s an  awesome gift idea to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Personal touches are what makes a house a home, and nothing does that quite as well as family photos. They mark important moments and milestones, and your favourite photos will look fantastic on these ceramic tiles,  We can print any digital image you send us onto a tile, as long as it’s a high-res file.

Why Customise it?

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